Eppela: Join the Figurelle’s Project

The LabPerm launches into a new venture

FIGURELLLE – Songs, stories, appearances…
An audio CD audio with illustrations

“What a performance! You’re so good…Can I have a CD? What?! You don’t have a CD of
your songs?! Why don’t you make a CD?!”
And so, after many such requests made by our enthusiastic audience, we decided it was
absolutely necessary to leave a trace of our FIGURINES and record an audio CD with some
of greatest hits, equipped with the portraits/illustrations of a great artist!
“Well done! What a fantastic idea! I want to follow the CD production so all the world will
know of your talent!” exclaimed Danny Lloydmann, our music producer.

Why don’t you join our FIGURELLE tribe too?

Some reasons to consider:
• You will have done to others that which, one day, you wish they would do to you
• You will do something a little crazy which will produce other crazy things which are
alive, artistic and joyful
• You will serve recklessly as when in love, as in youth
• In a vase you will sow a monetary seed and, regardless of the Pinocchio fable, you will
receive a CD (not all of us are like the Cat and the Fox)
• You will be giving your contribution towards an independent musical CD handled by the
excellent professionals
• You will be the promoter and the warning signal for a music yet to exist for the masses
and you will be able to say: “ I believed in them when nobody else did.

Each of your small or large investments will be properly rewarded with handsome prizes, all to be discovered!

 How to do?

1. Visit www.eppela.com
2. Register
3. Type “FIGURELLE” in the searching box on the right side
4. Choose the amount you wish to donate in the column on the right side
5. Confirm the payment

That’s it!!!

Click here to watch the project’s presentation 

Click here to watch a little fragment of our show