Laboratory Prospect

The Laboratorio Permanente di Ricerca sull’Arte dell’Attore
From 1996 «…work to widen the island that I bare »

place or environment where innovative experiences occur

which never closes and lasts trough time

involving intellectual, cultural and practical activity to deepen and develop the knowledge

of the human state unfolding trough the application of technique and requiring learning experience and attitude

from whosoever participates in a event of the real life

The actor is he who agitates and brawls on stage or is he who lives a real-life event. In the latter lies one of the main aims of our work: to make the theatre a necessary place , where one can seek renewal of purpose and free oneself from cultural constraints . Therefore the lab works to create a new culture, not to follow nor reaffirm that which the prevalent Culture ( of newspapers , institutions , lines of thought etc ) states as fashion or code.
Making Culture implies knowledge of the field in question: the Lab is putting all its efforts into the field of the actor’s art, is looking for answers as to the real purpose and to that of the theatre.
Which answers were found? Many articulate responses. In synthesis we have to live a truth: a truth made from art, a truth more real and vibrant than that of daily life, a tangible truth that knows how to open doors where common thought has erected walls.
Ten years of uninterrupted work into the discovery of physical impulses, thanks to a specific training and work on various texts, above all those of Tamerlano, Antigone/Canti, Le Argonautiche, have refined technique and developed sensitivity as to the use of the body as an instrument . In the discipline, similar to that of a martial art, in the ritual dance, in commedia dell’arte, the actor’s body is open to new possibilities of expression and is modified through the repetition of a precise code of “Actions” . The “Action” is born from the instinct of the Being, it speaks its own language to the actor, moves within and makes itself known, creating an intimate relationship between its need for expression and with the place where this takes place.


Laboratorio Permanente di Ricerca sull'Arte dell'Attore di Domenico Castaldo

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